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Movement, music and self awareness; three things none of us should live without and with which we can lift our spirits and live with more contentment.

No one is a greater expert in you than you are and I am simply here to guide you towards accepting yourself fully in order to allow the best and truest version of yourself to shine through.  

Whether you’re here for the journey or just one class, my wish is to help you move freely through the ups and downs of life. Having a little more movement, a little more music and a lot more fun.

Thank you for joining me, I so hope you find something here to support you.


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I am so excited to have teamed up with the amazing culinary expert, ITV This Morning chef and author of 7 award winning cook books, Clodagh McKenna. I will be supporting her followers with well-being advice and more...


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What people say

I took your class last night... it was the first time I found a practice to be so mentally rewarding... so thank you.
I loved your class, your are a lovely teacher with your voice. It's like a dance, movement workshop, so different, I loved it...
Your classes are so great, chilled and relaxing yet definitely a bit tough! Also original i.e not endless sun salutations.
I love your sessions, they are challenging and you have this wonderful ability to touch that emotional side of yoga, which I find few teachers do...
The highlight of my 'yoga week'. I so look forward to Zoe's classes. They are such fun, so playful and different to all other yoga classes I do. I find myself immersed completely in the moment and the movement, and love the way my imagination gets entwined with many of the sequence of movements we do.
A huge thank you for your energiser this morning. The sun is shining and we have just finished the 30 minutes feeling very upbeat and positive after a very drab week. Love love love today's playlist too!
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