is passionate about helping people reconnect with their bodies and themselves through movement, music and self awareness. With a playful approach focused on finding one’s joy, Zoe has been leading movement classes since her first YTT in2010. Since then her training has expanded to include a host of different wellbeing practises to provide an overarching, holistic view of everyday health.

She founded Studio Zo in 2018, offering monthly creative sessions to support the elderly in her community and, over the last 12 months, has raised thousands of pounds with charity classes for NHS Together. Zoe lives in Hampshire with her husband and their young family and supports people across the globe with her weekly movement videos and live classes.

The longer version...

Zoe grew up in Galloway in Scotland which fuelled her love for hills, rain and places with no other people! After 10 years living and working in London she now lives in Hampshire with her young family and their dog.

Zoe has always been an active, outdoor person and her interest in wellness swelled when she began yoga in her early twenties. Over time she began to see the treasure trove that conscious breath, dynamic movement and embodied stillness could offer people and wanted to share this knowledge. She took the plunge and trained as a yoga teacher in 2010. This cracked open her thirst for more knowledge in all areas of wellness – yoga, anatomy, movement, meditation, philosophy, psychology, neurology, hormones, the list goes on..

Zoe completed her first full yoga teacher training with The Power Yoga Company in 2010 and is now continuously improving her knowledge and teachings of different wellbeing practices. Since 2010, Zoe has completed lots of other yoga and wellness trainings including but not limited to… Ana Forrest’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Nadia Narain’s Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, Rod Striker’s Para Yoga Kosha Teacher Training, Zephy Wildman’s Anatomy Course and Namoni Absalom’s 6 month mentoring program Liberate.

Zoe taught at The Power Yoga Company and the Harbour Club in London for over five years and has provided private classes for clients across London and Hampshire. Currently she teaches at the beautiful Amethyst Studio in Berkshire and intermittently at the heavenly Wasing Park. In addition, Zoe hosts online classes to audiences across the UK and more recently on a global level. She posts weekly videos online to support people in all areas of their well-being as well as teaching them how to incorporate wellness practises into their daily lives without the need to spend copious amounts of time doing so.

Zoe’s movement sessions are a mix of yoga, dance, movement, mindfulness and meditation with a great playlist. This makes it a fun and effective way of supporting yourself physically, energetically and emotionally, in your own home, in your own time. Never has this been more important than now.

Zoe wants to share simple solutions of how we can ALL find more balance, energy and contentment in our day to day lives. She integrates the more inclusive and informative side of wellness into people’s lives so that we are all armed with more knowledge and then have the choice to make these changes in our lives.

Zoe is influenced by movement, music, culture and nature. She is inspired by insightful yogis and progressive thinkers like Zephyr Wildman, Naomi Absalom, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, Gabor Mate, Dr Edith Eger and many more.

‘You cannot heal what you do not feel.’
Edith Eger

I really hope you enjoy what I share to help you navigate life in your own wonderful way...

Zoe x


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What people say

I took your class last night... it was the first time I found a practice to be so mentally rewarding... so thank you.
I loved your class, your are a lovely teacher with your voice. It's like a dance, movement workshop, so different, I loved it...
Your classes are so great, chilled and relaxing yet definitely a bit tough! Also original i.e not endless sun salutations.
I love your sessions, they are challenging and you have this wonderful ability to touch that emotional side of yoga, which I find few teachers do...
The highlight of my 'yoga week'. I so look forward to Zoe's classes. They are such fun, so playful and different to all other yoga classes I do. I find myself immersed completely in the moment and the movement, and love the way my imagination gets entwined with many of the sequence of movements we do.
A huge thank you for your energiser this morning. The sun is shining and we have just finished the 30 minutes feeling very upbeat and positive after a very drab week. Love love love today's playlist too!