A gentle playlist to be still to with Zoe Warren

Has anyone else been finding coming out of this lockdown a little trickier than anticipated? I've found the last couple of weeks quite challenging navigating another change. I know that when life throws me a curve ball the most important thing is to pause, this so often gets pushed down the road as there is 'too much to do' but that is a terrible excuse.. We need to pause, to re-calibrate, check in, remind ourselves that we're doing the best we can do and then go forward steadier, rested and hopefully more positive.

One of my favourite ways to get the benefits of mindfulness or pausing without much effort is simply to listen to some really beautiful music. It pulls you gently into the present moment, slowly untangling the mind from its over thinking to focus in and really hear. Rather than having music on in the background the aim is to stop and really listen to it. The soft rhythm of the music helps to calm the often over wrought nervous system and hopefully restore a sense of peace.

I have put together a playlist of some soft soulful music    and some lovely piano tracks for you to enjoy.. whether you are in the bath, lying on your bed or flopped on the sofa I have made this playlist as a reminder to slow down, to listen, to let go and also to enjoy the moment. I really encourage you to add in the odd pause into your    day and let the music do it’s magic.. 

So hope it hits the spot.

Z x

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