Be flexible not rigid - With Zoe Warren

Edith Eger was a young girl in the Holocaust who suffered some of the very worst of life in the hands of evil. She is now a psychologist in her 90s and has written a beautiful book called 'The Choice', another one called 'The Gift' as well as doing a fascinating podcast with Dr Chatterjee on his Feel Better Live More Podcasts I highly recommend all 3!

Some of the quotes like the one above that I jotted down that struck me:

Love is not what you feel it's what you do.
Dependency breeds depression.
Expression is the opposite of depression.
What comes out of your body doesn't harm you what stays in does.
You can't heal what you can't feel.
Be flexible not rigid.
Forgiveness gives you spiritual freedom.

Hope one or two of these you might pop into your phone or on the fridge if they inspire you like they have me.

By With Zoe Warren

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