Use it or lose it

If we stop challenging ourselves our brain will stop creating new neural pathways and literally starts to shrink and wither in that particular area. Dr Tommy Wood reminds us that we must continue to learn new skills, new types of movement, new ways of thinking as much as we can. As soon as we have got to grips with something then it's time for a new challenge. This doesn't have to be learning Mandarin (unless you are up for that!) but perhaps reading books that are different from your usual reading material, exercising in a different way or learning something new.

If you don't use it you loose it.

The type of movement that I lead is trying to constantly challenge the brain and the body with balances, sequences, different ways to immerse yourself in movement. Can we let go of 'right' or 'wrong' and just enjoy having a crack. Doing something perfectly (whatever that means!) isn't doing as much good for us as embracing the stages it takes to get there and picking ourselves up so that we continue to grow and create resilience in both our brains and bodies.

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